PyCon UK 2015

Fifty Shades of Disaster - Human Error and Complex Systems.

Paul Ross

A four part workshop that discusses the failures that happen when humans interact with complex systems. The talks illustrate what can be learnt from how various industries handle risk management. They are illustrated with analysis of some famous and not so famous accidents from finance, aviation, marine, software, oil and various other industries.

You are not going to live long enough to make all the mistakes yourself so its best to learn from those made by others. After this workshop you will be more resilient to failure!

Part 1: Complexity, coupling and systems failure - A gentle introduction to human error and modern accident theory

Part 2: A concise history of civil aviation accidents - How air travel became so safe

Part 3: Blame and the fallacy of Root Cause Analysis - How not to investigate an accident

Part 4: Heroic recoveries, skill, luck and sheer professionalism - The disasters that never happened