PyCon UK 2015

Maximising your Career in Python

Tony Camps

Tony will provide a statistical analysis of the last 12 months of hiring done in the UK Python sector including:

  • A breakdown of technical skill-sets in demand by industry and geography
  • An assessment of likely trends for the next 12 months (hint: functional programming is here to stay!).

Additionally, we'll discuss key information on what the industry requires of you:

  • What does it actually take to secure a job you will love in the Python sector?
  • Aside from being a good programmer – what skills do you need to be able to demonstrate?

The session will be followed at 12:30 by a CV clinic, where Tony will provide expert insight in to how potential employers view your CV, and how to maximise your chances of getting your foot in the door.

About Tony

Tony is the Python Team Lead at TEKsystems and runs a team focused solely on putting people to work in the Python industry. He speaks to Python developers and companies that hire Python Developers every single day and can offer proprietary industry information and advice.