PyCon UK 2015


PyCon UK is a community conference, run by unpaid volunteers. But we need your help! We'd love you to get involved and join the fun!

To sign up as a volunteer you need to purchase a "community" ticket and select the appropriate contribution you wish to make as a volunteer.

You have four options each of which will require only around two hours of your time over the duration of the whole conference:

  1. Session Chairs - responsible for the smooth running of sessions. You will be given a simple checklist of what to do. We expect you to chair two one-hour sessions and we'll negotiate which ones once the talk schedule is published.
  2. Stage Hands - put stuff up and take stuff down! You'll be busiest on Thursday evening, Friday Morning and Sunday afternoon. You'll set out chairs, set up computers for workshops, put up signs and make sure everything is in the right place at the right time. We expect you to spend an hour of your time on two separate days. You'll get a checklist of stuff to move, setup, take down at certain times per day.
  3. Meeters and Greeters - be a "people person". Spend an hour on two separate days manning registration and/or being posted at busy footfall points where you'll be expected to answer questions, give directions and manage traffic flow.
  4. Workshop Wizards - may the source be with you! Spend two hours in one of the education track workshops such as DjangoGirls, TransCode, Teacher training or the kids day.

What do you get out of this? A funky special edition volunteer's t-shirt and a reduced rate ticket! But hurry, there are only a limited number of tickets available.

A Zeth shaped volunteer
Our illustrious Chair, Zeth, volunteering in 2014 (note the sartorially snazzy shirt)