PyCon UK 2015


At PyCon UK we really wanted everyone to be able to come together, it's pretty easy to get to us, and we've got a great venue that's worked brilliantly for past events. Here's the address:

The TechnoCentre
Coventry University Technology Park,
Puma Way,

The venue is located conveniently, 10 minutes' walk from Coventry Railway Station, close to the UK motorway network and with good car parking facilities (see below), and with Hotel Accommodation onsite.

What you are looking for

This is the TechnoCentre main entrance, on the day you should see some PyCon UK signs.

The post code is CV1 2TT, and here it is on

If you come by car, there are car parks to both left and right of the entrance. (Use the right hand one please, to leave the left hand one for other building users). They are barrier-controlled; take a ticket from the machine, don't lose it, and if you hand it in at Reception they will be able to validate it so that you don't have to pay when you leave :-)

If you come by rail, here are some walking directions:

  1. Come out of the station into Station Square and turn right into Park Road.
  2. At the crossroads go straight over, still in Park Road. Note, if driving, Park Road is a cul-de-sac, don't follow these directions :-)
  3. At the end of Park Road, look to the right, you will see Listers Volkswagen dealers, that is what you're heading for. If the traffic is light, cross the road, if it's busy take the subway under Quinton Road to come out by Listers.
  4. Walk past Listers and cross over Mile Lane to the Ibis Hotel.
  5. Turn right then left into the Ibis car park entrance, and walk through into the car park with the Formule 1 hotel opposite you. (If you are cheeky you could just walk through the Ibis hotel lobby after crossing Mile Lane.)
  6. Turn right and walk through the car park, then into the TechnoCentre car park.
  7. Walk to the end of the TechnoCentre car park, then bear right around the end of the building to the main entrance.
  8. If you zoom in on the map you will see all these landmarks.

Time: 9 minutes.

Check out a flickr photostream of the route with slightly less serious comments...