PyCon UK 2015

Sprint: Open Science

Open science sprint

Collaborative open science sprint where you can bring along a task to automate, or a piece of code you want to open source, and we will help you find others to form a small group to turn your existing scripts or workflow into an reproducible piece of open science!

Good tasks to work on might include:

  • figuring out whether Python is a good fit for your needs
  • speeding-up your code
  • writing developer or user documentation
  • adding tests to legacy programs
  • working out how to use git most effectively (other version control systems are available)
  • packaging your software so that it can easily be installed

Our friends from Overleaf will be joining us for this, they run a collaborative cloud service for LaTeX users (think: Google docs for LaTeX) which has a very simple push-to-submit service for a number of Open Access journals and open science services, such as

This means that any software or figures you produce on the Monday Sprint can be given a DOI and easily shared with the scientific community.

Watch this space for more announcements - there may even will be prizes :)