PyCon UK 2015

Python for mobile games on iOS and Android

Safe Hammad & Fiona Burrows

Have you ever wanted to write a game in Python but wished you could run it on your phone? At Arctic Shores we're doing just that and even have a couple of games in production on both Apple's AppStore and Google Play.

In this talk we'll guide you through the tools we use to target, build and deploy to iOS and Android, including Kivy, Kivy for iOS and Myrmidon, our open source pure-Python framework for rapid game development. We'll also share with you the choices we've made and some of the pain we've felt getting one codebase to run on multiple platforms.

We'll then roll our sleeves up and demonstrate Myrmidon and its unique way of easily allowing complex object interaction and behaviour. We'll also discuss its modular nature and how that enabled us to deploy native apps to iOS and Android.

Finally we'll discuss our plans for the future of Myrmidon and how you can get involved.