PyCon UK 2015

Ship Data Science Products!

Ian Ozsvald

Building and shipping working Data Science and scientific products is hard - learn from 10 years of Ian's experience at to find efficient ways through the mess of bad data, complicated data workflows and weakly designed code through to successfully deployed projects.

This talk will include ways of getting data, cleaning and debugging it, approaches to deployment and various tips I've picked up along the way that'll save you lots of time.

If you're fresh out of academia and want to do science then this will open your eyes to how 'stuff works in industry'. If you're in a growing data science team and you want to do more science and spend less time fighting fires - this talk is definitely for you. Be more effective, stop fighting fires and burning time.

Ian Ozsvald is co-founder of the 1,500+ member PyDataLondon meetup and conference series, a published O'Reilly author, international speaker and teacher and he runs a 10 year old Data Science consulting group in London (