PyCon UK 2015


Trans*Code will be at PyCon UK!

Trans*Code is for trans* people and allies who want to draw attention to issues facing the transgender community and women. Participants drawn from all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome.


Trans*code will be holding a hackday. Participants will be encouraged to suggest apps and projects that address the issues facing the transgender and nonbinary community. Participants will then self-organize into teams and spend the day working on their project. At the end of the day the groups will present what they did before adjourning to the PyCon UK diversity reception.

The video below (created for ComputerWeekly) gives you a flavour of the sorts of things you can expect from the day.


Friday, 18 September, all day (lunch is included).


Anyone who really wants to work on issues facing the trans community. You don't need any particular level of technical skill - anyone can help contribute to the problem solving and design process.

People planning to attend the full conference are welcome to join Trans*Code for all or part of the day, people more interested in Trans*Code should register for a ticket here.

What if I want to learn to code?

Then checkout our partners, Django Girls, who will be nearby having a workshop! The Django Girls workshop is open to all trans and non-binary people! Apply for the Django Girls here before 4 August.


If you want to attend Trans*Code, please visit this page to get a ticket.

What about the cost?

A Trans*Code ticket is free. If you need support for travel, limited support may be available, please contact the Trans*Code team at