PyCon UK 2015


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Friday 18th September 2015

Time PythonAnywhere Room Osper Room YPlan Room LaterPay Room Training and Hackathon Bank of America Education Track
  CC1.3 CC1.4 CC1.8 CC2.1 Simulation Centre
08:00 Registration / Breakfast
09:30 Opening Plenary
10:30 Keynote: Van Lindberg, PSF Chair DjangoGirls Trans*Code Minecraft in Education First steps in Python
11:20 Skycademy PyGame Zero
11:30 Python's Infamous GIL A deep dive into python import hooks Introduction to Python Real-Time Data + Django = Fun,Growth + Profit
12:00 PGP key signing party Career Clinic Lunchtime Event DjangoGirls Lunch
12:10 Your code in space with AstroPi Code Club
12:30 DjangoGirls Trans*Code Lunch
13:00 Lunch time Event Spare Slot Lunchtime Event Spare Slot Workshop Room Setup) Lunchtime Event Trans*Code Education Track Lunch
14:00 Keynote: Daniele Procida All I really want is power All hands resource generation un-conference, adopt a developer
15:00 Analyzing Python with Pylint Choosing a web framework for Python 3 and asyncio Django Security Workshop Deploy a flask application in a single step
15:30 Understanding PyPy Leadership of Technical Teams Gabbi - Declarative HTTP Testing
16:00 PyPy for mediocre programmers Transducers in Python Making code py2/3 compatible using python-future TeachMeet
16:30 Making Python Computations Fast Templating - Past, Present and Future Instrument Your Python App with Metric Collection
17:00 Document all the things Python for mobile games on iOS and Android Resilient data pipelines using Docker-Compose
17:30 Python Projects on the Raspberry Pi Testing and Async - a journey Accelerate and scale your tests with nodepool
18:00 Using logical flaws to steal and modify business critical data Enabling the Optimisation of Python Trade management in Python - a story of throughput PyCon UK Diversity Reception (in the Bistro)
18:30 Day Ends
19:30 The Friday Night Charity Social in memory of John Pinner

Saturday 19th September 2015

Time PythonAnywhere Room Osper Room YPlan Room LaterPay Learning Space The Software Sustainability Institute Room Bank of America Education Track
  CC1.3 CC1.4 CC1.8 Bistro CC2.1 Simulation Centre
08:00 Registration / Breakfast
09:00 Opening Plenary
09:15 Keynote: Dr Simon Sheridan Landing on a comet: From planning to reality PyKids UK Setup
09:30 PyKids UK Opening
10:00 JSON and the daughters of Pelias Building SAAs with django and polla Fifty Shades of Disaster - Human Error and Complex Systems Open Space for BoFs and discussion Forming a PyCon UK research community

Group Activities:

  • Minecraft
  • Code Club
  • Your code in space
  • Internet of Toys
10:30 Managing mocks - the how why and when of mocking in Python Template matching - howto Open Space Accelerating Scientific Code with Numba
11:00 5 impossible things before breakfast Asking About Gender - the Whats, Whys and Hows Setup for Poster Session

Everyone Swap:

  • Minecraft
  • Code Club
  • Your code in space
  • Internet of Toys
11:30 Finding more bugs with less work Why I have an unhealthy love of tests, and why you shouldn't be scared about writing them
12:00 Build the right thing Recruitment Clinic Poster Session
12:30   Py4Sci Lunch PyKids UK Lunch (provided packed lunch including sandwich, fruit and crisps)
13:00   Getting started with testing scientific programs part 1 Freestyle code jam
14:00 Taming a Legacy Codebase with (Micro)services Language Composition with RPython Scrapy Workshop Part 1 Open Space
14:30 Title To Be Determined; A tale of graphs and Markov chains Shipping your application using Conda
15:00 Plenary   Wrap up
15:30 Lightning PyKids Lightning PyKids
16:00 PyCon UK Society AGM
16:30 Teaching youngsters to code with pgzero on Raspberry Pi OOD Rules Scrapy Workshop Part 2 Open Space Getting started with testing scientific programs part 2 PyKids Organisers Tidy up
17:00 Dispelling py.test magic Chromebooks in education - the next five years PSF Reception
17:30 Python adventures in Namibia The Fabric that holds the cloud together  
18:00 The Lightning Talk Show
19:15 Break
19:30 The PyCon UK Dinner (Ticket required) Alt Party (TBA)

Sunday 20th September 2015

Time PythonAnywhere Room Osper Room YPlan Room LaterPay Learning Space The Software Sustainability Institute Room
  CC1.3 CC1.4 CC1.8 Bistro CC2.1
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Opening Plenary
09:15 Keynote: Naomi Ceder - Confessions of a True Impostor (A Survival Guide)
10:00 Simplicity Is A Feature Python and PostgreSQL a Wonderful Wedding Building Async MicroServices Open Space Tit for Tat, Evolution, Game Theory and the Python Axelrod Library
10:30 Here be Dragons - Writing Safe C Extensions Python powered Nukes Open Space Ship Data Science Products!
11:00 How (not) to argue - a recipe for more productive tech conversations Testing applications for django CMS Open Space iCE: Interactive cloud experimentation
11:30 FIDO - The dog ate my password The Ladder to Python 3 Open Space Power: Python in Astronomy
12:00 PyCon UK Jobs Fair Single Board Computer HackSpace Open Space Pythons and Earthquakes
12:30 Event-Sourced Domain Models in Python Open Space Lunch
13:00 EuroPython in UK bid Discussion Open Space
13:30 Open Space Getting meaning from scientific articles
14:00 Testing with two failure seeking missiles Getting schemas around semi-structured data using Avro Open Space Demo: Simple web services for scientific data
14:30 Data Visualisation with Python and Javascript - crafting a data-visualisation for the web Analyse Yourselves Discussion: From data to dissemination - dealing with publications
15:00 Plenary
15:15 The PyCon UK Panel
16:00 The Lightning Talk Show
17:30 The Non-Closing Closing
18:00 End of Day
19:30 The Mellow Night

Monday 21st September 2015

Time Sprint Rooms
09:30 Sprint Opening

Sprints are collaborative programming groups. The Sprints that have been proposed so far are:

12:30 The Last Meal - we share a final meal of Fish and Chips together (plus vegetarian options, etc)
13:30 Sprints (Continued)
16:00 Share results together
17:00 End of Conference, pack up, see you in 2016!

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  • Overflows for the PythonAnywhere room are CC1.1, CC1.2 and during plenaries, the Osper Room (CC1.4) will also be an overflow.
  • Workshops will fill up very quickly so get to the room very early to avoid disappointment.
  • In the case of speaker illness or similar, minor replacements may happen without notice.
  • The call for Lunchtime events is now open, see the programme page for more information.